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"Let's make the magic world of art our reality"

Maya Gomez is a contemporary abstract artist based in Boston, MA. she discovered her creativity from an early age and was always showing her talent on different projects such as knitting, working with kids, Christmas decorations, etc, until she found in painting the best way to express her emotions and creativity.

Maya has developed her art inspired by the environment that is around her and by all she had experienced through the years in South and North America.

Her artwork has always been characterized by using different techniques, mediums, tools and a wide range of colors allowing her contemporary style to range from bold textures to soft brushstrokes.

Maya is deeply fascinated by the power and the impact that color has on people. her desire is to provide with her creations the opportunity to connect with different moods going from calm and peaceful to energetic and excited.


Maya is currently working full time as an artist from her home studio located in Boston, MA.

Maya Gomez




Original acrylic paintings on Canvas using different techniques and sizes

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Abstract work on prints. Available on different sizes. The perfect gift.


A touch of art on your table. These set are available on a wide range of colors and combinations.


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